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Can’t afford to go travelling? 4 money-saving tips

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If you’re aching to go travelling but don’t think you could possibly afford it, think again. There are plenty of ways to save – and even make – money as you travel, so head out and start your adventure with these four money-saving tips.

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Forget the luxury accommodation – stay in hostels

If you’re trying to save money whilst travelling, it’s time to wave goodbye to those luxurious, sprawling villas or high-rise hotels – as hard as it may be. Instead, opt to hop from hostel to hostel. They’re incredibly popular with many travellers for one reason in particular, that being just how affordable they are.

Hostels aren’t anywhere near as uncomfortable or undesirable as you may think. With increasing popularity across the world, they’ve become a desirable option due to the considerable size, cleanliness and comfort they offer.

And, as an added bonus, hostels provide the ideal opportunity to be social and make some new friends, especially when travelling solo. As this post explains, you’ll hardly ever feel lonely when staying hostels.

Who knows – you may just find your new travel partner in the very room you’re staying in.

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Make yourself a daily budget to follow

One of the easiest ways to save yourself money is also one of the simplest. Create a daily budget in order to allocate a certain amount of your money to both the necessities and the things you want to treat yourself with.

Things such as accommodation, food and travel are obviously important, and so it’s crucial you’re setting yourself a sensible amount to spend on them throughout your trip. But it’s also of equal importance to let yourself have some fun, so be sure to set some money aside for leisure and activities.

Be prepared for any unexpected fees that could arise during your travels. Whether it be a change of flight, an expensive but necessary taxi ride or some medical supplies, there’s always a chance your wallet could take a hit it doesn’t want.

And don’t forget about travel insurance. Medical costs abroad can be very expensive (two weeks of private medical treatment in Thailand costs more than $50,000, for example), so you’ll definitely need space in your budget to cover protection.

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Exchange your money before you go

You can save yourself money before you’ve even got on your flight. It’s important to consider just how you want to handle your money in terms of conversion, as the countless options on offer can lead to dramatically different amounts of money.

One of the best options many travellers go for is a prepaid travel card, according to MoneySupermarket. Working the same way as a credit or debit card would, a prepaid card allows you to set yourself a strict limit on the amount of money you can spend, something that would work perfectly alongside a daily budget.

The best thing about these prepaid cards, though, is the ability to lock in an exchange rate. Wait for the best time to get the biggest bang for your buck, and your converted money won’t be affected by any future fluctuations.

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Work whilst you travel for a continuous income

It’s something many travellers turn to, especially when they want to extend their stay as much as possible – working as you travel. There are countless roles to consider taking whilst abroad in order to keep some money coming in, a great idea if you’re looking to stay longer than you had initially planned.

One popular choice with travellers is teaching English in local schools and facilities. It’s an easy way to make money and will tide you over until you head to the next destination and continue your adventure across the world.

Please note that some countries prohibit working under a tourist visa and you could get in trouble if caught.

Do you have some money-saving tips to share with your fellow travellers? Let me know in the comments below.

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Having a daily budget helps a lot when saving money.


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