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5 reasons to take a road trip with a friend

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A road trip is a great way to see the world, but you don’t have to do it alone. Here are five reasons why taking a road trip with a friend is a great idea:

1. A new way to connect

Road trips mean spending loads of time together in the car, more than you might ever have done before. You’ll get to know lots of things about your friend that you might never have known. Music you never knew they liked. Games they love to play. Their favourite fast food. It’s easy to fall into routines with friends, where you end up doing the same (no doubt awesome) things and going out to the same places. Taking a road trip, whether it’s across the United States or all over Europe, is a great way to expand your knowledge of each other and maybe even deepen your friendship.

2. Share the driving

Traveling with a friend who you can share the driving with is great because then you can take turns at enjoying the beautiful scenery! Your friend might also surprise you by spotting something really cool from the landscape that you would have never spotted. You can also take turns in who is the car dj and find out more deeply what songs do you like in common. It may be the weirdest songs that both of you enjoy and why not have a car karaoke especially if you both start feeling sleepy. Taking a friend on a road trip helps you also to stay safe. It’s always worth having one refreshed and alert driver to deal with unexpected circumstances (or other drivers who might not be as careful).

Road trip in Europe

These beautiful views you get to admire in the Central Europe!

3. Split the cost

Sharing a car means sharing fuel costs, making the road trip nearly half as costly as it might have been for just one of you. You can also club together for car snacks, meals and accommodation. Sharing a hotel or motel room is always going to be cheaper than going it alone. Take it in turns to pay for air in the tires or water for the screen wash to make your trip even more affordable. Budgeting is so much easier when there are two of you sharing a car.

4. More saved memories

Driving through beautiful scenery is an amazing experience, but one that you can’t really share with anyone after the trip is over. Having a friend in the car who can take snaps of mountains, roadside cafes, rolling hills and wildlife means you can share your journey with other friends and family when you return. Plus, you and your bestie will have some great mementos of your time away together. Make sure you make plenty of stops as this will give you further opportunities to take pictures of each other posed among the scenery of your destination. Don’t forget that all-important road trip selfie!

Breathtaking views and super curvy road near St. Moritz in Switzerland

Breathtaking views and super curvy road near St. Moritz in Switzerland!

5. Life changes

You never know when things might change. One of you might get married. One of you might have a child. One of you might have to move away for work or personal reasons. One of you might go back to college, or take a job that prevents travel. Can you afford to let go of the opportunity to take that once-in-a-lifetime trip right now? Friendship is precious, so make the most of the moment. Waiting might mean you never get to take that road trip, so make sure you have no regrets.

Brainstorm your dream destinations, plan your route, pack your bags, grab your friend – and off you go. The road is waiting!

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