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Four senses of travel

by Hanna
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Sound. Waves crashing to the shore. The sea is coming back. High tide. Leaves of the palm trees soughing together. Fan rolling around and around and around.

That’s my brightest memory of a sound on my travels.

Trips we make are full of sounds. Sounds create memories. What is your clearest memory from your travels with sounds and voices?

When you travel remember to take your time and stop. Stop right there, close your eyes and listen. You can hear the fuss in the big city, sizzling pans in the food market or waves crashing to the rocks on the shore.

Remember to listen.


Small waterfall I found in Khao Sok national park.


Scents also create strong memories. Once you travel to a place with a very typical aroma, you will always think back to that place when you sense that scent again.

If you think of spring, how does it smell to you? For me it is freshness, smell of new grass and coldish smell of after rain. Everyone has their own mind on how everything smells.

My strongest memory of a scent on my travels is the mosquito repellent in Thailand. Everytime I smell that lemony scent I right away get sent back to Thailand.

Remember to scent.

Have you ever been to a food market in a different country? How did it smell? Food creates powerful memories of scents and also flavours.

Flavour is tickeling in your mouth. It’s a new flavour, fresh, odd, curious but tasty. That’s how I would describe tasting durian fruit for the first time.

Taste is based not only on the flavour of the food but also the texture. When I tasted insects for the first time it wasn’t only about the muddy flavour that struck me, it was the crunchy bite with a hint of soggyness in the fried insect.

Remember to taste.


One of the most delicious dishes I had when I lived in Thailand!

The temperature is reaching +35°C. I’m on the beach just about to step on the sand. It’s going to be burning hot. I step on the sand waiting for the burning bite of the sand. But it doesn’t happen. The sand is silky smooth, almost like powder. It’s white as snow and it has just a pinch of warmth. It’s called coral sand and I fell in love with it the first time at Raya Yai Island.

That’s my brightest memory on my travels of feeling or touching something. What is yours?

Remember to feel.


Beautiful white sanded beach in Thailand, Koh Raya Yai.

Why do I tell you all this? I want you to remember to stop. Listen, taste, feel, scent. Take your eyes off from your phone and concentrate on the moment. Use your senses. Take in all the levels of experience. I promise you will enjoy it.

Stop, listen, scent, taste and feel!

Share your memories in the comments!

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