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What may happen after the coronavirus in Finland?

by Hanna
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Helsinki, Finland

This isn’t a serious post so keep that in mind! Everything I’ve written in this article is just my thoughts on what could happen in Finland after the coronavirus. This is supposed to be a fun article so if you find yourself smiling, I have succeeded!

So just sit back and enjoy reading what may happen in Finland after the coronavirus!

Going out after the coronavirus

Finns aren’t known as social people but we love to grab a beer or a meal out. I think bars and restaurants will be packed with people during the first couple of weeks when they re-open. Finns say they love this time of being at home but I believe that when the chance to go out comes, Finns are all out there.

I bet all the outdoor terraces will be full of people enjoying the summer days! Some people will of course continue staying home and avoid crowded places because that is the nature of a Finn. But I believe most Finns are in need of some social life after this!

In Finland, we have a hilarious habit when Finland wins for instance in sports such as ice hockey that crowds gather up in the center of Helsinki to celebrate on the streets together. We call it “torilla tavataan” which literally translates to “see you at the marketplace”. I wonder if the ending of the lockdown will get Finns celebrating on the streets? If it will, I hope the safety distance is kept between the people. ūüėČ

We also have a special term called “kalsarik√§nnit” which means to get drunk alone at home wearing nothing but underwear. Funny thing is that this is a very old term and not invented during the corona time. We enjoy our kalsarik√§nnit and I believe that after we have been to the bar and celebrated on the streets the ending of the lockdown, we will go back to our homes for some kalsarik√§nnit.

Mattolaituri, Helsinki

Mattolaituri – A lovely place to grab a drink in Helsinki

Finns traveling behavior – ago or no go?

Fun fact: we are one of the nations that travel abroad the most often! That’s no surprise when we spend the long, dark and cold winters here in Northern Europe. However, I think what may change in our traveling behavior, especially for the 2020 summer, is that we will travel more in our home country.

The economical situation in many families will force us to cut down traveling abroad and do road trips in Finland as well as spend time in our summer cabins. This will be a good thing for the economy of the smaller towns and villages when holidaymakers travel within the country and spend money locally.

But the truth is that we won’t stop traveling abroad. When the rainy and dark November eventually reaches us, we will want to escape from Finland.¬† The need for sun, light and warmth is deep in us which will force us to travel sooner or later.

Harbour in Helsinki, Finland

Finns’ social habits – what may happen after the coronavirus?

Online socializing

During the virus, many of us have switched to socializing online. We have had to learn how to use Zoom, Teams or Skype to interact with colleagues as well as with friends and family. I believe though that soon we are sick of having online parties and toasting to the screen. Real-life parties will boom when we get the permission to see each other – and it may get pretty wild!

I think Finns have loved the online socializing time though. Finns don’t want to leave their house so the virus has been the best excuse to stay at home. The online socializing is also what Finns like because you get to see your friends and have fun without needing to leave your home.

Many Finns may even miss the time when the virus was here! That sounds a bit odd but many Finns really prefer not having pre-planned social events to go to. Instead, they would rather stay at home and watch tv in pyjamas. After the virus, there will be again more social gatherings and our calendars will fill up with all kinds of events where you need to be present.

All in all, Finns may want to party, see their friends and family right after when restrictions are removed. But in a few weeks, Finns will be glad to go back to their own peaceful home again.

Finnish nature

Live socializing

With coronavirus, there has been a big fuss about social distancing and keeping a safe distance between people. For Finns, social distancing is nothing new, haha! We never get closer than an arms reach (about 1 meter) to another person in normal life! At the bus stop we stay a minimum of 2 meters away from each other. A safe distance is nothing new for Finns and it’s here to stay also after the virus. We enjoy our own space.

Social distancing is pretty easy in Finland. We have only 5 million people but Finland is the same size as Italy – actually 12 % bigger. That also means that in Finland, we have a lot of empty land, forest and places where you don’t need to see anyone. Only the capital region in Southern Finland is a bit more densely populated and you actually may encounter people on the streets. That said, social distancing is pretty easy in Finland.

And oh, I almost forgot to mention that there are half a million summer cabins in Finland which are located in remote places. We Finns love to be there alone and enjoy the silence. That’s the best way of social distancing!

Will Finns become more social after the social distancing is over? I think not. Finns are anyway more social during the summer season than during winter but I think we will act very normally after the lockdown. Some Finns may even reduce their normal number of social contacts because now they can say that they still want to prevent the virus from spreading. Such a great excuse!

What may happen after the coronavirus in Finland

Helsinki coastline


What I came up with is, that most likely not much will change, haha. We may use the opportunity to go out and see some people but Finns tend to love their time alone and at home. Traveling however will continue in one form or another. We will go abroad when the borders are open again!

I hope you enjoyed reading my article! Now you know a bit more about the stereotypes of Finns and what many people in Finland enjoy. Remember though that not all Finns are the same and some may be social too. ūüėČ

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