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Follow Your Wanderlust: How Traveling Changes You

by Hanna
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The girl is a dreamer.

She wants to feel the adventure and the rush of excitement. She dreams of exploring the unknown.

The wanderlust surrounds her and draws her in. She cannot resist the temptation to try her own wings.

She collects all her courage and flies to the world.

Courage draws her towards the world of adventures

Full of excitement she begins her adventures.

The world greets her with smiling faces and shows her new cultures and habits. Fascinated by the unfamiliarity the girl feels ready to travel further into the unknown.

At first everything seems so thrilling.

Soon unfamiliarity and uncertainty fill her mind and the feeling of safety disappears. Dark clouds surround her and her mind.

Shadows fill her mind and the fear takes over

She starts to doubt herself and to question the rush that drew her into the adventure. The habits, the language, the culture are not what she first thought.

The world makes her stumble in the darkness.

She is lost and alone.

She finds her peace of mind

She collects all her strength and the uncertainty begins to fade away. A fire lights up inside her.

She starts to understand. The unfamiliar culture and habits become familiar. She adapts herself into the different way of living.

The warmth of others reach her. They accept her. She is one of them.

Aware of her own personality, identity, her capabilities and her fears she continues her journey.

She is happy.

Embrace the world

The world opened the door for her and she got the courage to get in.

She knows herself. And the world will always smile at her return.

It can be a hard and a bumpy path at times but she knows that in the end the effort pays off.

It is worth it.

Follow your inner wanderlust.

Grab your adventure

Photos created by Joona Niskanen

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Girlgame Cute March 27, 2020 - 2:12 pm

In a remote place, I love reading and looking places you go. Great! It makes sense and I have found interesting things here.


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