Dreaming of travelling – Travelling for dreaming

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My name is Hanna and I’m from Finland which is a cold, freezing piece of land located in Northern Europe. I was born with the travel gene and that is why I’m an eternal dreamer. I’ve graduated with a degree in Tourism Management and turned my passion into a profession.

To my mind the travel industry is the industry of dreams. I love travelling, talking about it, reading about it and working for it. Travelling tickles the boundaries of my imagination and leads me to the unforgettable adventures.

What I also like about tourism industry is that it also is a hard core business and allows me to use and develop my business instinct.

After working in different fields within the industry I decided to start sharing my own tips and thoughts to help you make the most out of you journeys.

So here you go – the travel blog of a Finnish girl!

Hanna Reunanen

β€œDreaming of travelling – travelling for dreaming”