Guide with only two and a half steps to buying flights

There are nowadays so many different sites to compare flights that I feel sometimes dizzy! Read my only 2 and a half step easy guide to buying flights.

Step 1: Where to search

I usually start my search from Momondo. Momondo is a website that compares flights from different sites and shows the prices of different connections at once. It makes the search easier and you don’t need to check the flights from so many different sites like Ebookers and Supersaver. With Momondo search you can see almost all the basic airline ticket providers’ tickets at once. Why I have chosen Momondo over for instance Skyscanner or Google Flights is that Momondo is easy to use and most importantly the prices are normally a bit lower than others.

After finding my number one options from Momondo, I’ll also do a quick comparison on the other sites I mentioned earlier (Ebookers for instance). Most of the time, they’ll give the same exact flights but you never know. In addition to the booking sites, I check the same flights from the airlines’ own website.


Step 2: Buy your ticket from the airline

If I find similar priced tickets through a booking site and the airline’s own site I will always buy the tickets from the airline. Íf any problems occur it is easier to deal with the airline than a booking site. The booking sites don’t have all the rights to solve the problems so you might end up contacting the airline anyway. For example if you have typed your name wrong it can cost you a lot of money to correct that error with the booking site. The airline cannot usually change your name if you have booked your tickets from another site and that means getting on the phone with the site that sold you your tickets.

Airlines might also offer special prices for members or for certain dates that are close to your travel dates that might not be found through search engines. Registering as a member, being flexible with flight times to match discounted dates or inputting a certain offer code might save you a lot of money that you can spend at your destination.


Step 2.5: Airline is too expensive? Try this.

My personal favourite is Supersaver which has worked great every time. I’ve bought multiple tickets from them for much cheaper than what the airlines had offered on their websites. But be careful and check some reviews of the booking site you are planning to choose. Some sites are easier to solve problems with than others. If you see that one site is selling the tickets with a much lower price than others and you’ve never heard of them before, investigate!

While sites like Momondo will show you cheap ticket prices, it’s almost always just a starting price. During your reservation process you will probably be offered “super necessary” services like luggage insurance, ticket change and cancellation services, fast track services and the list goes on. I’ve personally never had the need for them. But remember to read the fine print for any insurance or services. Booking sites might also charge extra for different payment options.

Extra tip:

Remember that if you buy the tickets directly from an airline that doesn’t have their hub in the airport you are flying to/from, you might need to call abroad if you need any help with your tickets. A real life example is Ukraine International Airlines which has flights from Helsinki to Kiev. UIA does not have any office at Helsinki Airport and getting in contact with them on the phone can be complicated. If two airlines with similar prices are flying to (or departing from) the same destination, pick the one that has a hub at the airport. In Finland for instance, the easiest option is Finnair because Helsinki is Finnair’s hub airport.

Use these tips to make your airline ticket buying convenient!




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